Dr. Imani Ma'at

Public Speaker, Writer, and Educator in Atlanta, Georgia

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I am a Harvard Educated Author, Award-Winning Health Educator, and International Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker with 22 years of experience at the CDC.

My Healthy Haiku Workshops blend my love for public health and poetry, My last book -Healthy Haiku 3: How to Fight Childhood Obesity One Poem at a Time is now available on Amazon.

In addition to Speaking Engagements, I offer Wellness Coaching, Healthy Haiku Workshops, Wellness Podcasts, Books, Wellness Technology and more!

Wellness Products include:

Sound Frequency Sessions, Stem Cell Products, Kangen Water Ionizer

  • Work
    • Healthy Haiku Productions
  • Education
    • Mount Holyoke, M.I.T., Harvard, Columbia
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